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The Commons, Markets, & Sustainable Development
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Rural water for thirsty cities

"Draa river near Zagora" by John Englart

Water Allocation in Rivers Under Pressure

"Irrigation circles" by rjcox is license

The paradox of irrigation efficiency

"richard-lock-301354" by koekoes is lice

Valuing water for sustainable development

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  38. Winner of best paper award for the journal in 2008


Book Chapters


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Selected Media and Online Publications


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Why the thinking and planning around drought is often wrong”, Open Canada, 21 April 2016

How could the California drought impact Canada?”, Canadian Television News (CTV), 19 June 2016

A surprising lesson from Australia’s drought: politics matter.” Water Deeply, 3 Sept 2015

What the California drought means for Canadians”, The Globe and Mail, 4 July 2015

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